Galleria Skins Bundle

The Valorant Galleria skins are among the few standard skins (aka “Select”) that you can purchase from the in-game store. They don’t add anything more than a simple aesthetic change to your weapon, and each skin costs 875 Valorant Points individually. If you like this skin’s color scheme, you can learn how to download it here. You will only spend five minutes installing them in your game client.

There are only five weapon skins available under this collection:

  • Classic pistol
  • Bucky
  • Guardian
  • Phantom
  • Marshal

As mentioned above, this collection only adds an aesthetic change to your weapons. It is a good option, but there are better skins out there. Also, the colors aren’t too extravagant, so it’s a pretty basic set.

Where can you get free Valorant Galleria skins?

The Galleria skins are only obtainable thanks to the daily offers rotation. However, if you’re interested in acquiring it without spending your resources, here we’ll teach you what to do.

All you need to do is download the file available on this website and install it in your computer. This process should make it possible for you to use all the new weapon skins and other cosmetics that this collection has available. As it only takes about five minutes to complete, you should be able to use the new weapon skins today.

Can you upgrade the Galleria skins once you get them?

You can not upgrade the Valorant Galleria skins once you’ve got them in your account. They only have a basic aesthetic change for your weapon and are unable to add anything else.

If you would like to explore better skins with more effects, you’re free to choose more options from our website. We have the widest collection of free Valorant skins on the web. There are limitless downloads available, so don’t hesitate to get as many as you would like!

We have the widest collection of Valorant skins available on our website. As you’re allowed limitless downloads, you can return to us whenever you feel like testing another skin.