valorant galleria bucky skin

Valorant Galleria Bucky Skin

Get the Valorant Galleria Bucky skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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  • Rating: 4.9/5 (13,867 votes)

The Galleria Bucky is one of the five new skins available as part of the select-edition collection of the same name. The other four weapons include:

  • Classic
  • Bucky
  • Guardian
  • Marshal

Although it doesn’t suppose a big change like other skins, you can add the Galleria Bucky to your account if you’d like to use something different yet not too extravagant.

As of now, players can only get this skin after purchasing it from the store rotation, where they’ll find it for 875 VP. It is not as costly as other skins due to their “select” category; plus, it can take a while to add the skin to your account due to the randomness of the store rotation.

You can skip the wait and add the new skin as soon as possible today by following a few steps.

How to Get the Galleria Bucky Skin for Free

This process takes a few moments. It is uncomplicated. You can follow it as written below:

  1. Download the Galleria Bucky file we’ve uploaded to this website.
  2. Next up, please install it on your computer.
  3. Use this same device to access your Valorant account for the changes to take effect.
  4. You can now enjoy the Galleria Bucky permanently from different devices.

You will find the rest of the Galleria collection, as well as over three hundred skins for Valorant, on our website. Everything you find here is available for free, so you can add as many items as you want to your account.

If there’s something new we haven’t added yet, don’t hesitate to let us know!