valorant galleria phantom skin

Valorant Galleria Phantom Skin

Get the Valorant Galleria Phantom skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Galleria Phantom” has been available since the early Valorant days. It is part of the homonymous collection, which features four other items under the same title. Despite being non-upgradable and containing only basic colors, it is somewhat popular within the player base.

The skin cannot be obtained unless you purchase it from the store rotation despite the fact described above. Along with the rest of the collection, it will cost 875 VP. It is not expensive, but it can be extremely hard to obtain it due to the random nature of the store rotation.

If you’d like to skip the wait and start using the new skin already, please continue to the next section to learn how you can start using it today.

How to Get the Galleria Phantom Skin for Free

Please follow the steps described below to get started with the Galleria Phantom. Once you complete them, you will acquire this skin permanently – regardless of the device you log in from.

  1. Download the Galleria Phantom file from this website.
  2. When you do, please install it on your computer, then access your Valorant account from this location.
  3. You should find the Galleria Phantom available within the list of usable skins in your account. Enjoy it!

As you can see, the process will only take a few minutes from your time. It’s worth it if you’d like to skip the usual wait and jump to having fun with the skin straightforwardly.

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