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What are skins?

One of the five cosmetic types you can find in Valorant is weapon skins. These items allow you to modify the appearance of the weapon in diverse ways. The effects can range from a plain recolor to something compound, like a dragon.

Where can you obtain weapon skins in Valorant?

As of now, Valorant has 332 weapon skins available.

It is possible to acquire skins via several means. The main way of getting one in your hands is to purchase them via the in-game store, but you can also obtain them for free when you complete an agent contract or a battle pass.

You can also purchase Valorant skins in the Night Market. Here you can find different offers than what you usually find in the store and bundles. The Night Market offers each player six unique offers for diverse skins, which only are available for a limited time.

However, this store extension isn’t permanent – it only appears a few times every certain period (which is different each time). The first time the Night Market appeared in Valorant was in December 2020.

Is it possible to get free weapon skins?

The game has a few ways to acquire free Valorant skins, such as completing battle phases. In addition, each act contains something new to offer. In other words, the main way of obtaining free Valorant skins is to complete in-game challenges or through sporadic events.

However, there are other ways you can obtain Valorant skins. All you need to do is search for the weapon skin you’re looking for on our website, and then you can proceed to install the file in your device to have access to it.

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How many free skins can you get?

Unlike other websites, there isn’t a limit to how many free Valorant skins you can download from our website. Hence, you can get as many as you want and add them to your account to further personalize your character.

Skins are one of the many cosmetic items available in Valorant, and you can use them to add a bit more personality to your current personalization settings.

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