valorant galleria classic skin

Valorant Galleria Classic Skin

Get the Valorant Galleria Classic skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Galleria Classic” skin is one of the many select-edition skins available in Valorant. As the equivalent to standard items, these skins are non-upgradable and only add aesthetic change to your weapon. It’s like changing the color scheme to your weapon for a small price.

If you’d like to obtain the Galleria Classic, it will take you a while as it is only possible to do so via the daily store rotation. It can take a while for it to appear, and once it does, you’ll have to purchase it for a total of 875 VP.

This set is pretty basic. However, many players would still like to add it to their accounts without having to wait for too long. If that’s your case, here we’ll tell you what you can do to include this skin in your Valorant account.

How to Get the Galleria Classic Skin for Free

You’re a few moments away from adding this new skin to your account. First, you must install the file available on this website for download. Then you must access your Valorant account from the same system. Once you do, the Galleria Classic should be available for use! You can now use it from any other device.

We have the rest of the Galleria Skins as well as every other release for Valorant, and all of them are obtainable for free. It takes only a few minutes to start using a new skin, so what are you waiting to become a sensation among the player base?