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Congratulations on making it to Loot Skins! We bring the style to your game skill. It’s now time to get your hands on some amazing game skins. Get ready, get set, go!

What We’re Here For

With so many weapons and player skins, we’re here to give you only the best. Browse through our skin bundles today to keep your weapons looking new and vibrant.

Free Player & Weapon Skins

Yes, you read that right! At Loot Skins, you’re getting it all free.
We’re here to give your game an edge, with exquisite palettes and designs for your players and weapons.

Why Pick a Game Skin?

Are you one of those real gamers that always takes the stage? Then, here’s the time for you to upgrade with loads of new players and weapon skins!
Our skins will give you an alternate version of your character and weapons. Ready to pick one yet?

The Best Part About Skins: Distract the Enemy

Loot Skins is here to save and improve your game! Flaunt your skins through your player and weapons to intimidate and distract your enemies.

Can Our Skins Really Benefit You Otherwise?

Well, of course, they can! At Loot Skins, you can buy skins that are unique to you and enticing for others. These are enough to sell for real money too! Are you set to get the skin game on?

Stepping Up with Loot Skins

Loot Skins has an array of game changes that will help you level up! Truth be told, these skins will improve your game anytime. How? When you have weapons and players that look solid, you improve your game naturally. With our skins, you ought to see your name at the top.

The Best Place for All Gaming Skins

Searching for free weapon and player skins? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. With Loot Skins, you can have an assorted range of character skins to pump up your game.

Still Asking Yourself, “Why to Choose Loot Skins for My Game?”

We have plenty of reasons:

  • We offer a huge line of free game skins for all your weapons and players
  • We only put out the newest and the best to match your gameplay
  • Adding our skins may give your player extra abilities
  • Be at the top of your game and friend circle with cool skins
  • Pick our skins to help you camouflage better before an attack

Our Way of Giving You the Best Game Skins

Simple to Pick

With Loot Skins, all you need is easily accessible. We allow you to pick from a range of skins without it being a hassle.

We Understand Your Urge to Upgrade

To most people, skins aren’t a big deal. However, we know your game dedication and why skins are just an added feather to your cap.

The Best for Free

We can feel the constant struggle of finding some decent skins, the affordable way. With Loot Skins, put that worry aside! Browse and pick through all skins free.

Always Up to Date

We’re not here to put out a one-time skin platform. We believe in trends and are here to update you with the latest.


We don’t need to say this, but your experience with us will speak for itself.
Loot Skins is all about trusted gaming ways to improve your appearance and game.

Quality over Quantity

We’re all looking for more! However, be rest assured that all skins out here are pre-checked for quality. These won’t interrupt your game but only let you do your best.

Designed By The Best

Since we work with quality, designs on Loot Skins are only made by the best. Using our skins means making all the others jealous!

We Believe in Communication to Enhance Your Experience

Contact us for any doubts regarding skins and more. We are happy to help and serve you! We will provide you with any piece of information you need regarding our skins.

Simply Pick, Click and Download

Loot Skins is all about ease with the interface. You can choose a skin you absolutely love. Then, click on it and have a closer look. Once you’re cool with it, download it in an instant.

All Set to Pick Your Skin and Win the Game? Get picking from our line of wild and colorful skins for your players and weapons. Be ready to evolve your gaming experience.