valorant sentinels of light ares

Valorant Sentinels Of Light Ares Skin

Get the Valorant Sentinels Of Light Ares skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Sentinels of Light Ares” for Valorant has been available in the game since July 2021. It is one of the latest exclusive-edition skins that have been released as of now, so you can expect it to be more expensive than usual. If you’re lucky to see it in the store rotation, you can purchase it for 2,175 VP.

This weapon, in particular, is themed after Pyke, one of the champions from League of Legends. He’s a Revenant that comes from Bligewater. Thus, all the effects are based on this character, from the animation to the sound effects.

Waiting for this weapon to appear in the daily store rotation can be quite slow. However, if you’d like to skip it, here, we’ll teach you how you can do so.

How to Get the Sentinels of Light Ares Skin for Free

You can start using this weapon skin today after a few steps. It is an uncomplicated process that takes less than three minutes to complete.

First, download the file available here under the skin’s name and install it on your computer. Once you do it, the next time you log in to your Valorant account, the new weapon skin should be available for use. It is quite easy!

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