Sentinels of Light Skins Bundle

The Valorant Sentinels of Light skins have been available in the game since July 2021. This skin is one of the many “crossovers” that Valorant has had with League of Legends, the greatest hit from the company that publishes both games, Riot Games.

After the skin was released, it was available as an Exclusive collection, including weapon skins that featured audio effects taken from LoL champions. These weapons received a new skin from this collection:

  • Sheriff – The character for this weapon is “Graves.”
  • Vandal – The characters for this weapon are “Lucian & Senna.”
  • Operator – The character for this weapon is “Akshan.”
  • Ares – The character for this weapon is “Pyke.”
  • Melee – This weapon is renamed “Relic of the Sentinel,” and its character is “Riven.”

How to Obtain the Sentinels of Light Skins

As of now, this skin can be obtained via the store’s daily offers page since the bundle has been retired already. Each weapon skin has a cost of 2175 Valorant Points, while the bundle had a total cost of 8700 VP.

Still, besides the in-game methods, there are other ways you can use to acquire the Valorant Sentinels of Light skins.

This page includes a file available for download. You can install this new file in your system. Once you install it, you should be able to access the new skin in your account settings. It’s an easy process that only takes about five minutes to complete, or even less.


The Sentinels of Light skins include four upgrade levels you can purchase using Radianite Points, 10 points each. You can also purchase three color variations (pink, red-green, and blue-purple) for 15 RP each.

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The Sentinels of Light skins are one of the many instances where Riot Games has combined Valorant and League of Legends lore together. Besides that, the design is quite exceptional, which explains its “Exclusive” nature.

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