valorant infantry spectre skin

Valorant Infantry Spectre Skin

Get the Valorant Infantry Spectre skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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Since its first release, the “Infantry Spectre” weapon skin for Valorant has been available in the game. Unfortunately, one of the “select” skins is quite basic and doesn’t add anything but an aesthetical change to the weapon, excluding audio and visual effects. Due to this, they’re pretty cheap in the store, as the whole bundle only costs 3,000 VP.

The “Infantry” collection features a military-like design with pretty basic features. Besides this change, there isn’t anything remarkable to say about this collection.

If you’d like to start the Infantry Spectre today without spending resources, here we have all the steps you need to follow for that process. But, again, it’s a straightforward process that you will complete in less than three minutes.

How to Get the Infantry Spectre Skin for Free

As mentioned above, you can obtain the Infantry Spectre in three minutes by following the steps mentioned below. You can apply the same thing to the other members of this collection if you’re interested in them.

  1. Install the file available for download on this website.
  2. Once done, access your Valorant user account.
  3. And you’re done! It should be possible to use the Infantry Spectre permanently.

It can be quite complicated to use your favorite Valorant weapon skin if you’re not willing to use the in-game resources, which are linked to the store all the time. However, you don’t have to struggle while trying to find new cosmetic items for your account. Here we have everything you ever wanted!

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