valorant convex sheriff skin

Valorant Convex Sheriff Skin

Get the Valorant Convex Sheriff skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Convex Sheriff” for Valorant was first released as part of a bundle in early July 2020. This is a select-edition collection, which means it doesn’t have any other outstanding feature except for the appearance change. In addition, the Convex Sheriff is one of the five new skins added.

This collection has an interesting color scheme that includes green, white, and light yellow as its main colors. It may not be as remarkable as other weapons, but it is certainly good-looking if you don’t like the basic appearance of your Valorant weapons.

You can obtain the Convex Sheriff if the store rotation makes it available for 875 VP. However, that can take a while as the contents of the daily offers are always random. Continue to the next section if you’d like to skip the wait and add this skin to your collection.

How to Get the Convex Sheriff Skin for Free

Acquiring this collection is a straightforward process. Install the file available on this website and continue by accessing your Valorant account from the same device. Once done, you will be able to use this skin in your account regardless of the device you’ve decided to log in from! It’s quite easy and only takes a few minutes.

We have available the Convex Spectre, Judge, Bulldog, and Operator skins as well if you’d like to add the rest of the collection to your account. We also have all other skins available in Valorant at the moment, so don’t hesitate to continue navigating through our website to find more items.