valorant avalanche vandal skin

Valorant Avalanche Vandal Skin

Get the Valorant Avalanche Vandal skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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  • Rating: 4.8/5 (16,690 votes)

The “Avalanche Vandal” for Valorant has been available in the game since the closed beta. It is one of the many skins that made it to the final game, as many others have not been released yet.

The Avalanche collection features an interesting design. All weapons look like they’re made of ice, along with a few black details. The overall result is cool (no pun intended!)

As of now, this skin is only obtainable via the daily store rotation. It will cost you 1,275 VP, but besides the price, you will also have to wait until the store rotation makes it available. As the contents are random, it can take several days until that happens.

You can skip the wait and start using the Avalanche Vandal today after following a few steps. It takes only a few minutes.

How to Get the Avalanche Vandal Skin for Free

First, install the file we’ve made available here and then access your Valorant account from this computer. The Avalanche Vandal should be available within the list of usable skins! You will be able to use this skin from any other device.

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