Valorant Tethered Realms Ghost Skin

Valorant Tethered Realms Ghost Skin

Get the Valorant Tethered Realms Ghost Skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The Tethered Realms collection has five new skins available, including the Tethered Realms Ghost. It has been available since May 2021 and is quite unique as it includes two skins previously released in the same set, the Sovereign and Forsaken collections. As for the Ghost, it is mainly a Sovereign skin but changes its appearance to the Forsaken set when you step into a dark area.

This skin is only obtainable from the in-game store via the daily rotations, where you will find it at a price of 1,775 VP. It can take a while, though, as the contents of the store rotation are always random.

If you’d like to start using the Tethered Realms Ghost today, stay with us for a little while. You’re a few moments away from adding one of the most special skins that have been released for Valorant at the moment.

How to Get the Tethered Realms Ghost Skin for Free

You can start using this new skin after completing a few easy steps. First, you must download and install the file available here on your computer. Once you finish, access your Valorant account from this same device for the first time, and you will find the Tethered Realms Ghost available within the list of usable skins.

We also have the rest of the Tethered Realms collection. Thus, if you’d like to use any other of its members or a different skin, don’t hesitate to continue navigating through our website. All the content you find here is available for free.