Tethered Skins Bundle

The Valorant Tethered Realms skins were first released as a bundle in May 2021. It features an interesting design where “good” and “evil” are juxtaposed, as both concepts coexist. The result is an exceptional collection that includes a new effect.

The Tethered Realms collection includes new aesthetic changes for the following weapons:

  • Ghost
  • Vandal
  • Guardian
  • Operator
  • Knife (“Prosperity”)

If you’re interested in using this skin in one of your weapons, here we’ll tell you how you can do it for free.

Where can you get free Tethered Realms skins?

There are many retired skins available in Valorant, including the Tethered Realms collection. Since the bundle was retired, users can only obtain the weapon skins if any of them individually appear in the daily offers rotation.

However, you can obtain them all for free at Loot Skins! All you need to do is download the file we have available on this page, install it in your system and access your Valorant account. All the weapon skins and cosmetic items this collection has available should be usable in your game now!

Can you upgrade the free Valorant Spline skins after you get them?

You can only upgrade the melee weapon included in this collection. However, once it reaches level two, it will change its name to “Prosperity & Demise.” Thus, you will be able to use both items at the same time.

Please note that each of these weapons includes a “Sovereign” and a “Forsaken” concept. You cannot activate them freely – the weapon will change its appearance automatically whenever you step into a lighter or a darker area. However, it is different according to the weapon.

  • Ghost, Guardian, and the melee weapon’s Prosperity will have the light theme as default.
  • Vandal, Operator, and the melee weapon’s Demise will have the dark theme as default.

We have the widest collection of Valorant skins available on our website. As you’re allowed limitless downloads, you can return to us whenever you feel like testing another skin.