valorant sovereign stinger skin

Valorant Sovereign Stinger Skin

Get the Valorant Sovereign Stinger skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The Marshall Stinger is part of the popular collection of the same name, which has been available in the game since June 2020. This is a special collection as it was one of the first releases for Valorant and because it also includes an exclusive effect.

The Sovereign collection features a classy appearance with white as its main color and gold details. However, that’s not all – each weapon has a gemstone that glows whenever you kill an enemy. This effect is independent of the upgrades you can obtain by using Radianite Points.

As of now, you can only obtain this skin when it becomes available in the daily store rotation for a total of 1,775 VP. It can be quite expensive for some players.

If you’d like to skip the wait and start using the Sovereign Stinger today, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll teach you how you can start using this skin today within a few moments.

How to Get the Sovereign Stinger Skin for Free

All you need to do is install the file available here under the name of the skin. Then, next time you access your Valorant account from that same device, the Sovereign Stinger will be available. The process shouldn’t take you more than five minutes!

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