valorant smite odin skin

Valorant Smite Odin Skin

Get the Valorant Smite Odin skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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Are you interested in obtaining the “Smite Odin” for Valorant? Here we’ll tell you how you can do so today for free!

The Smite Odin is part of the select-edition collection of the same name. It features a unique aesthetic inspired by alighting. Plus, it features a blue gradient that goes from cyan to blue through the length of the weapon. Even if it’s a non-upgradable skin, many players still would like to add it to their accounts due to how good it looks.

The only way to obtain this skin via the in-game store is to buy it for 875 VP when it becomes available in the daily store rotation. However, we know that this process can be quite slow. Jump to the next section if you’d like to start using the Smite Odin today.

How to Get the Smite Odin Skin for Free

It only takes a few minutes to start using the Smite Odin. All you need to do is install the file available on this website for download, and then you’ll need to access Valorant. You will see the Smite Odin available within your skins!

If you’d like to try any other skin or another member of the Smite collection, you’ll be happy to hear that we have all the content available for Valorant at the moment. We allow unlimited downloads, so you can obtain as many items as you’d like!

We update our website whenever new content becomes available. Come back soon to find the newest Valorant skins!