valorant singularity sheriff skin

Valorant Singularity Sheriff Skin

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The Singularity Sheriff for Valorant is one of the first exclusive-edition skins released for the game. It was first released in October 2020. In addition, it is one of the five new skins available, besides the gun buddy.

As part of an exclusive-edition collection, you can expect the Singularity Sheriff to have more effects. You can unlock up to three extra levels (from two to four), and each of them has a different addition to your new skin. Unlike other options, this one has more elaborated effects. Additionally, you can get three color variations: blue, red, and purple.

This skin has superb effects that any player would like to enjoy in their account. However, as the bundle has been retired from the store, it is not possible to obtain them – unless you choose to wait until the daily offers. It can take a while but jump to the next section if you’d like to make the process more straightforward.

How to Get the Singularity Sheriff Skin for Free

You’re a few moments away from adding the Singularity Sheriff to your account.

First, please download the file we have made available on this website, and then continue to your Valorant account. You should be able to use the Singularity Sheriff without any issue now!

We have the rest of the Singularity collection – as well as all other skins that have been released for Valorant at the moment. Thus, if you’d like to add more items to your account, don’t hesitate to continue navigating through our website.