valorant singularity phantom skin

Valorant Singularity Phantom Skin

Get the Valorant Singularity Phantom skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The Singularity Phantom has been available in the game for over a year, as it was first released in October 2020. It is part of an exclusive-edition collection, which features upgradable skins and a more “interesting” concept and design than other cosmetic items. The Singularity Phantom is one of the six items this collection has available: five of them are skins, and one is a gun buddy.

You can upgrade the Singularity Phantom by utilizing 30 RP – 10 RP for each level. Thus, if you’d like to unlock even more effects and sounds, you already know what you need to do. This skin is also available in three color variants: blue, red, and purple. Each variant costs 15 RP.

It’s not possible to obtain this weapon skin as part of the Singularity bundle anymore. Players must wait until the daily store rotation makes it available. Then, they will be able to buy it for a total of 2,175 VP.

If you’d like to skip the wait and the high price, we recommend you to read the next section.

How to Get the Singularity Phantom Skin for Free

Adding this new skin to your Valorant account isn’t complicated. First, install the file we have available for download here. Once done, access your Valorant account. The new weapon skin should be available for use now!

If you’d like to use a different skin or another member of the Singularity collection, we invite you to continue navigating through our website. All the content you find on our website is free!