Valorant Silvanus Operator Skin

Get the Valorant Silvanus Operator skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The Silvanus Operator is part of a deluxe-edition collection that contains five new skins, the other four being for the stinger, sheriff, vandal, and phantom. This collection was first released on April 14, 2021, and features a blue-black color scheme inspired by the interior of a cave. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature any upgrade, but that factor doesn’t diminish its good appearance.

As per usual, this skin – and the whole collection – were put for sale as part of a bundle, which you could purchase for a total of 4,270 VP. The bundle is not available in the in-game store anymore, which means that players are obligated to get each individual piece from the store rotation. All pieces, including the Silvanus Operator, have a price of 1,275 VP.

If you’ve included this skin in your wish list but haven’t been able to acquire it yet, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading if you’d like to learn how you can start using this skin today.

How to Get the Silvanus Operator Skin for Free

This section describes the process you need to follow to start using the Silvanus Operator for free.

All you need to do is download and install the file we’ve made available on this website. Once done, you will find the Silvanus Operator available permanently. It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes, but the download may take a while based on your internet connection.

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