valorant snetinels of light knife skin

Valorant Sentinels Of Light Knife Skin

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The “Sentinels of Light Knife” is a special skin for Valorant. It has a deep meaning for both of Riot Games’ releases, the other one being League of Legends. This knife and the rest of the collection were part of the Sentinels of Light even, which mixes a bit of both games’ stories and background.

This time, the knife is renamed “Relic of the Sentinel.” This weapon is directly related to Riven, a former soldier of Noxus. You can unlock an additional VFX for 10 RP, or you can choose to unlock one of the three color variations (pink, red-green, and blue-purple) for 15 RP.

The Sentinels of Light Knife holds a special meaning for Valorant. Hence, you can expect it to be a bit more expensive than usual. As you cannot purchase the bundle anymore, you can still obtain any of the members of this collection via the store rotation, which costs 2,175 VP.

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How to Get the Sentinels of Light Knife Skin for Free

You don’t have to be subject to the in-game store’s slow rotation. You can start using the Relic of the Sentinel today after following a few steps.

All you need to do is download and install the file we have available on this website. Once done, next time you access your Valorant account from your PC, this new weapon skin will be available for permanent use. Enjoy it!