valorant sensation judge skin

Valorant Sensation Judge Skin

Get the Valorant Sensation Judge skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Sensation Judge” for Valorant has been available in the game for almost a year, as it was first released in December 2020. It features purple as the main color but also combines green, yellow, and orange to build up one of the most interesting designs that have been released for this game at the moment.

Besides the Sensation Judge, this select-edition collection features new appearances for the Odin, Frenzy, Stinger, and Vandal weapons. It doesn’t add any other “remarkable” feature, but its unique look makes up for the lack of upgrades.

If you’d like to start using the Sensation Judge today, we can help you. It is possible to start using this weapon skin for free after following a few steps.

How to Get the Sensation Judge Skin for Free

First, you have the traditional ways. These imply waiting for Riot Games to announce a re-run for the whole collection or wait for the daily offers rotation. Both options are quite slow, as you never know what you’ll get in the store offers. Thus, here we’ll tell you how to obtain them for free.

You must install the file available here as “Sensation Judge.” Once done, you can proceed to your Valorant account, where you’ll find the new weapon skin available for use at any time.

This new weapon skin is permanent. Furthermore, we have all the weapon skins that Valorant has available until now. Don’t hesitate to search through our website until you find something that catches your eye. There’s something for every player!