valorant sakura sherrif skin

Valorant Sakura Sheriff Skin

Get the Valorant Sakura Sheriff skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Sakura Sheriff” for Valorant is the second member of the deluxe-edition Sakura collection. Along with the whole collection, it has been available since August 2020. It features a Sakura tree-themed design.

Each weapon maintains a basic façade, but the color scheme is what makes it interesting. It features white, black, and pink as its main colors. However, there’s a twist to it: you’ll find a landscape with Sakura trees in each weapon. It looks unique and tranquil, unlike most skins found in this game.

As of now, the only way to obtain the Sakura Sheriff via the in-game store is to wait for the daily rotations. After that, you’ll find it at a price of 1,275 VP. Nevertheless, please note that this can take several weeks as the store rotation is completely random.

If you’d like to skip the wait and move to use the skin quickly, you’ve come to the right website. Here we’ll tell you how you can get started with the Sakura Sheriff for free.

How to Get the Sakura Sheriff Skin for Free

You’re a few minutes away from adding the Sakura Sheriff to your Valorant account. Please follow the process as it follows below.

  1. Save the Sakura Sheriff file.
  2. Next, install it on your computer.
  3. Once you finish, please access Valorant and look for the Sakura Sheriff within your used items.
  4. It should be possible to use the new skin at all times now.

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