valorant rush frenzy skin

Valorant Rush Frenzy Skin

Get the Valorant Rush Frenzy skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Rush Frenzy” for Valorant is one of the five members of the select-edition Rush collection. Unfortunately, none of its members are upgradable, and the changes it adds to each weapon are merely aesthetic.

It is not possible to obtain this skin at the moment via the in-game store as the bundle has been retired. However, the store rotation may make it available at some point – thus, you have hopes of acquiring the Rush Frenzy by traditional means someday. It will have a cost of 875 VP. Still, let’s not forget that the contents of the daily offers are always random.

This collection combines black, white, and red as its dominant colors. You can also find details in blue and orange, but those are minimum. Nevertheless, it is stylish, so it isn’t a bad addition to your collection.

If you’d like to skip the daily offers rotation and start using the Rush Frenzy as soon as possible, continue to the next section.

How to Get the Rush Frenzy Skin for Free

Please follow the process described below to start utilizing the Rush Frenzy today. Don’t worry. We’ll only take five minutes of your day.

  1. Save the Rush Frenzy file on your computer.
  2. Please install the new file. When you finish, access your Valorant account.
  3. The Rush Frenzy should be selectable in your account. Now you can have access to it regardless of the location you sign in from.

If you’d like to obtain the rest of the Rush collection, we invite you to continue browsing through our website.