valorant rush bulldog

Valorant Rush Bulldog Skin

Get the Valorant Rush Bulldog skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Rush Bulldog” for Valorant is the third member of the Rush collection. It is one of Valorant’s earliest skins, as it was first released when the game was launched in June 2020. Despite that, the whole collection has never been available as a bundle.

As a select-edition skin, the Rush Bulldog will only change the color palette of your weapon. This time, it’ll gain a combination of white, black, and red as primary colors, while orange and blue are part of it as small details. It looks good but doesn’t add anything remarkable.

It is only possible to acquire the Rush Bulldog from the in-game store via the daily offers. However, please note that it can take a while as the contents of this section are always randomized. Additionally, you will have to purchase it for 875 VP.

Don’t be disappointed. You can still acquire this skin without having to wait. Please continue reading if you’d like to learn how.

How to Get the Rush Bulldog Skin for Free

You’re a few minutes away from adding this skin to your account. You’ll be able to do so once you finish the process written below.

  1. Save the Rush Bulldog file available here.
  2. Next up, please install this new file, and when the process finishes, open Valorant and access the game.
  3. The new skin should be available in your account with no problems.

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