Run It Back Skins Bundle

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The Valorant “Run it Back” Skins bundle was available for a limited time. As the name suggests, it didn’t add anything new to the game, as it is a “re-run” of already-launched skins for very specific weapons. Instead, this collection was released to release some of the most popular skins that Episode 1 had for less price.

This bundle compiles some of the best skins in the same thing, including the following:

  • Ghost (Sovereign)
  • Oni (Phantom)
  • Prime (Spectre)
  • Ares (Nebula)
  • Operator (Spline)

Individually, each skin would have a cost of 1775 Valorant Points. However, this whole bundle had a cost of 5936 VP, less than the combination of all of them.

Fans were a bit upset that skins like the Elderflame or Singularity didn’t make the cut.

How to obtain the Run it Back Skins

It’s not possible to obtain this bundle anymore. It was available for a short period in January 2021. It is unknown if there will be another “re-run” of these iconic skins, but you can still purchase each of these weapons individually if they pop up in your daily offers rotation.

If you’d like to use non-conventional methods to get your hands in the skins available in the Run it Back bundle, here we’ll tell you how.

You can download the Run it Back Collection from this page. Once you’ve downloaded the file, install it in your system and access your Valorant account. The new skin should be usable now! It’s a straightforward process that only takes about five minutes (or even less) to complete.


This skins collection has four upgrade levels available, each of which will unlock a new effect for the weapon. Each level has a cost of ten Radianite Points. The variations are equal to those from the original collection.

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Riot Games did something right by bringing back some of the most iconic skins for less price. They’ll probably do so in the future. However, in the meantime, you can find them on our webpage at any time!