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Valorant Ronin Sheriff Skin

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The Ronin Sheriff is one of the here members of the lost Ronin collection, which was first available during the closed beta. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to obtain this skin at the moment as it hasn’t been re-released for the game’s final version. If it’s released once more, it’ll probably be a select-edition skin, based on the price of each piece (875 VP).

This skin features yellow, red, black, and white as its main colors. In addition, the design features other ninja-like details that make it quite interesting. However, it doesn’t have anything out of the ordinary.

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It is unknown if Riot Games will release the Ronin collection at some point. Other closed beta skins have been released, but not all of them have enjoyed the same destiny. We’ll be sure to update this webpage as soon as more news about their release is widespread.

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