valorant ronin bulldog skin

Valorant Ronin Bulldog Skin

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The Ronin Bulldog for Valorant is one of the three members of the Ronin collection. The other three are the Operator and the Sheriff. Unfortunately, none of the contents of this collection is available at the moment. Thus, it’s impossible to acquire them from the in-game store or any other means.

This collection features an interesting design that clearly honors its name. Yellow, black, white, and red are part of the color scheme. Also, judging from the price of each piece (875 VP), the Ronin collection would probably be a select-edition skin, as every other skin under that same category has the same price.

There hasn’t been news about a re-release of this collection since the game was first released. Many other skins have made it to the final game, so there is a small possibility that this one will make it too. We’ll have to wait a long time for news, though.

What can you find in Valorant at the moment?

Skins have never been a problem in Valorant. Over three hundred new skins have been added to the game since it was officially launched. Thus, we’re sure that there’s more than one collection that you’re looking forward to adding to your account.

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