Ronin Skins Bundle

The Valorant Ronin Skins is one of the many collections that have not been released yet officially, but that was available in the closed beta. Even if it’s not available yet, it is wanted by thousands of users to do its unique-looking design and other customization options besides the main colors, red and yellow.

The Ronin skins feature a red and yellow theme with a few golden retouches. Most weapons have a dragon drawn on them, which is the main aspect that makes this skin so wanted among the community.

The Valorant Ronin Skins had a price of 875 Valorant Points during the closed beta. However, it is unknown if this price will change in the future once it is released.

How to obtain the Ronin Skins

The Ronin Collection isn’t available yet in the game. However, it will either be released as a bundle or available in the daily offers rotation. Either way, we’ll be sure to make it available here for free as soon as the collection is released.


It is unknown if this weapon’s final version will be upgraded or if it will have the same customization options that were available in the closed beta. Still, it is very likely for this to happen as it is one of the most beloved skins by the community.

As soon as more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to update this post. Stay tuned for more!

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Unfortunately, the Ronin Collection isn’t available in Valorant yet. The release date is unknown, but you can already find several videos on the web that showcase the skin. It features one of the best designs that skins have in Valorant, according to many users.

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