Reaver Skins Bundle

The Valorant Reaver Skins were made available twice in May and then in October of the same year, 2020. This skin is hugely popular among the players due to its fantasy-like appearance. It features a color palette that includes purple (mainly), grey and black details. The collection includes skins for the Sheriff, Guardian, Vandal, Operator, and The Knife.

This skin was also available during the Beta version, so it has suffered several changes since it was first launched. However, these were only for the better as now they’re one of the coolest skins you can find in Valorant.

Even if it isn’t available anymore, you can still obtain the Valorant Reaver skins via other means. Here we’ll tell you how.

Where can you get free Reaver skins?

Obtaining the Reaver skins is only possible if you wait until one of its contents becomes available in the daily offers section of the in-game store. A long time can pass before this happens, especially if you’re looking forward to using a specific weapon skin. However, you can skip the wait now thanks to Loot Skins!

We have a file available for download on this page. Once you install it in your system, log in your Valorant user account to start using all the cosmetic items available in the Reaver collection today. It will only take you a few moments!

Can you upgrade the free Valorant Reaver skins after you get them?

You can use Radianite Points if you want to upgrade the Valorant Reaver skins. Still, our website will allow you to use this skin’s upgrades and variations as soon as you install the file we have available here. You don’t need to “unlock” the new enhancements using the resources you currently have, as we’ll have everything covered here!

All you need to do is install the file, and you’ll be ready to use it.

We have the widest collection of Valorant skins available on our website. As you’re allowed limitless downloads, you can return to us whenever you feel like testing another skin.