valorant prism operator skin

Valorant Prism Operator Skin

Get the Valorant Prism Operator skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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  • Rating: 4.8/5 (17,833 votes)

Are you looking for the Prism Operator skin for Valorant? Here we have it available for free. This collection features a prism-like design with a color gradient (purple-black) that makes it quite beautiful. The color use makes up for the basic design, so the result is relatively outstanding, and that’s why this collection has become so popular among the player base.

As for the Prism Operator, the new skin changes its appearance but doesn’t include any other upgrade. It’s usual for weapons skins to be upgradable in Valorant, but this collection lacks such a feature.

If you’d still like to use this weapon skin, here we’ll tell you how to download it for free and use it for as long as you’d like.

How to Get the Prism Operator Skin for Free

Your first option to obtain the Prism Operator is to wait for the store rotation to make it available. However, it can take a while as there are over three hundred skins available at the moment in Valorant, and Riot Games releases new stuff all the time. If you wouldn’t like to wait for so long, here’s what you can do.

First, download and install the file we have available on this website. Once done, you can proceed to your Valorant account and check the list of usable skins. The Prism Operator should be usable now!

If you’d like to use any other weapon skin – even if it’s not part of the Prism collection, you can find it here. Don’t hesitate to navigate until you find something you like!