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Valorant Prism Ares Skin

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Are you looking for the “Prism Ares” skin for Valorant? Unfortunately, this skin is not available at the moment, and it is unknown if there are plans to release it at any moment.

Many players get confused about the availability of the Prism Ares because it was first available during the closed beta. However, it wasn’t as popular as the rest of the collection, at least based on its sales. Thus, Riot Games decided to delete the Ares skin from the collection for the official release.

Again, we are not sure if Prism Ares will be released at any moment. However, if you’re interested, you can download the other collection members while you wait for news about it.

What’s available in the Prism collection at the moment?

The Prism collection has five weapon skins at the moment, including new appearances for the Ghost, Knife, Spectre, Phantom, and Operator. Thus, even if you can’t use it in your Ares yet, you still can enjoy this awesome design in other weapons.

Plus, if you’d like to try another skin for your Ares, as this collection lacks it, you can find it on our website. We have over 300 skins available, which means that you can access everything that Valorant has been available at the moment.

We’ll be sure to update the Prism Ares as soon as it becomes available in the game. For now, you can enjoy many other weapon skins that we have available on our website.

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