Prime Skins Bundle

The Valorant Prime Skins were first released as a bundle in early March 2021. Unfortunately, they’re not available anymore this way, but you can still acquire them via several means. In addition, this collection featured new aesthetic changes for the Classic, Spectre, Guardian, Vandal, and the melee weapon (“Axe”).

The Prime Collection features a classy design that combines gold, grey, black and purple. No wonder why it is categorized as “premium.”

If you’re interested in adding the Valorant Prime skins to your account, here we tell you how you can do so today. It’s not impossible to start using this skin even if it isn’t available as a bundle anymore. So here we tell you how you can get started with it today!

Where can you get free Prime skins?

The Prism skins are only available via the daily offers rotation. Thus, it can be a bit hard to get your hands in the skin you want for your account. If you’d like to use something specific or the whole collection, here we have it available for free.

Start by downloading the file available in our webpage. Once done, install it and proceed to access your Valorant user account. The new items should be available for free in your account. This process takes a few moments to complete, and you will be able to use new cosmetic items to personalize your game even further.

Can you upgrade the free Valorant Prime skins after you get them?

Yes, you can upgrade them by utilizing Radianite Points. It’s a regular feature in Valorant, after all, although you’ll be able to bypass it if you’re using the resources we have available.

The Prime Skins have four levels and a few variations you can use to personalize your game even further. So if you want to personalize what you have in Valorant right now as much as possible, now is your chance!

We have the widest collection of Valorant skins available on our website. As you’re allowed limitless downloads, you can return to us whenever you feel like testing another skin.