Magepunk Skins Bundle

The Valorant Magepunk Skins were first made available as a bundle in late March 2021. As the name suggests, this collection features a design similar to what we are used to seeing in steampunk stuff, with a few differences. This collection, in particular, comprehends new aesthetic changes for the Ghost, Spectre, Bucky, Marshal, and the Knife (renamed to “Electroblade”).

Besides the new appearance, this skin also includes a few new effects that can be a total game-changer for anyone that tries them.

These skins are advertised as “premium” skins. Hence, you can expect the price to be a bit higher than the regular skins you constantly see on your daily offers page. However, if you were unable to purchase them, we have a different way to acquire them.

Where can you get free Magepunk skins?

It is only possible to acquire the Magepunk skins if they appear in the daily offers rotation. It can be a long wait, especially if you want a specific weapon skin. However, you can obtain the whole collection today within a few minutes.

All you need to do is install the file we have available for download here. Once done, access your Valorant account to start using the weapon skins. Remember to update the file once in a while in case it has been blocked by any of the Valorant updates. It happens often, so make sure the client matches the file version.

Can you upgrade the Magepunk skins after you get them?

You will need Radianite Points so that you can unlock the real potential of this skin. Except for the Select category, all skins are tied to this feature. However, there are ways to bypass this and get everything straightforwardly.

The skins we have available here are upgraded to their fullest. Thus, you can start using them as soon as they become available to your game client!

We have the widest collection of Valorant skins available on our website. As you’re allowed limitless downloads, you can return to us whenever you feel like testing another skin.