Glitchpop Skins Bundle

The ‘Glitchpop Collection’ of cosmetics was first released in August 2020, although a second bundle that expanded the weapons it comprehended was released in February 2021. As usual, the Glitchpop Collection was only available via bundles. However, even though it isn’t available anymore, any player can get the Valorant Glitchpop skins whenever they become available in their daily offers.

The Valorant Glitchpop skins were released during the game’s season 2 launch. It features a metallic color palette with a combination of black, purple tones, blue and yellow. So if you’ve been trying to get the Valorant Glitchpop skins, here we have them available for free.

Where can you get free Glitchpop skins?

The Glitchpop Collection has been made available two times, first in August 2020 and then in February 2021. Although they can still appear in any player’s daily offers, the bundles are not available anymore until further notice. However, if you want to use external resources, you can acquire the collection for free in a few minutes.

You can acquire this skin bundle by downloading the file we have available on this page. Once installed, you will be able to see and use them in your account instantly. If you thought that you would have to wait for a miracle to happen to get your favorite skin, that’s because you didn’t know about our website before.

Can you upgrade the Glitchpop skins after you get them?

Not really, but that’s because they’re upgraded to their fullest, and you can also use the available color variations. Thus, you don’t have to spend Radianite points trying to upgrade them, as you’ll be able to use them immediately whenever you install the file in your system.

Upgrading weapon skins with Radianite Points is a recurring feature in Valorant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t act any different in any of the skins that have become available since the game was first launched.

We have the widest collection of Valorant skins available on our website. As you’re allowed limitless downloads, you can return to us whenever you feel like testing another skin.