Forsaken Skins Bundle

The Forsaken Skins is a collection that was first made available in April 2021. It features an ancient-like design with interesting patterns and colors, making them hugely appealing to most players.

In addition, it included five new appearances, each of them for the Classic, Spectre, Vandal, Operator, and Knife (Ritual Blade).

Even if the offer is not available anymore, there are other ways you can use to get your hands on this splendid skin. Here we’ll tell you how you can acquire it for free via in-game resources and other external tools that you may be interested in.

Where can you get free Forsaken skins?

It’s only possible to acquire the Forsaken skins if they pop up in the daily offers section of the in-game store. As the bundle has already been retired, it is the only way to obtain this collection via regular means.

Still, there are ways of obtaining this collection for free without spending your resources. All you need to do is install the file available for download here, and then access your Valorant account. If everything is okay, you should be able to use the new weapon skin as soon as you finish installing the new file.

Can you upgrade the skins after you get them?

Valorant has a recurring feature where you utilize Radianite Points to “upgrade” each skin and give them even more effects. This way, you can take what the skin does even further and unlock its real potential. It is no different when it is about the Forsaken Collection. Of course, you’ll have to use these points to use them as they were designed to, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

The skins we have available here are upgraded to their fullest. Thus, you can start using them as soon as they become available to your game client!

Get free Forsaken skins at any time

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