valorant convex bulldog skin

Valorant Convex Bulldog Skin

Get the Valorant Convex Bulldog skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Convex Bulldog” for Valorant is one of the five new skins that are available under the select-edition collection of the same name. It has a color scheme that combines green, light yellow, white, and a few black details. It looks good, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have any other effect besides the appearance change as a select-edition skin.

As most skins in Valorant, the Convex Bulldog – and the whole bundle – were acquirable for a limited time. As you cannot buy the bundle anymore, you’re only left with the store rotation, which can take a while and will also cost you 875 VP.

However, you don’t have to wait for a long while to start using this skin. You can start already by following the process described in the next section.

How to Get the Convex Bulldog Skin for Free

You can start the process by installing the file available for download on this website. Once it’s part of your system, please go to your Valorant client and access your account. The new skin should now be available for use without problems.

You will find over 300 free skins on our website, including the members of the Convex collection. If you’d like to expand your skins collection, here we’ll provide you with all the items you always wanted to add to your account. As limitless downloads are allowed, you can continue for as long as you’d like. It’s pretty easy!

Additionally, we update this website as soon as new content becomes available. Come back for more soon!