valorant celestial knife skin

Valorant Celestial Knife Skin

Get the Valorant Celestial Knife skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The Valorant Celestial Knife has been available since it was first released as part of the Celestial collection in February 2021. However, as of now, you can only purchase it if it pops up on the daily offers page from the in-game store.

This cosmetic collection was released to commemorate the Lunar New Year. It combines gold, black, grey, and interesting patterns to create unique-looking skins. It is quite classy and appealing.

As the bundles are not available anymore, it can be quite tricky to acquire the Celestial Knife via regular means. So here we teach you how to do so for free.

How to Get the Celestial Knife for Free

Obtaining the Celestial Knife is an uncomplicated process that only takes a few minutes to complete. Follow the steps specified below, and you’ll be able to use it today for free.

  1. Download the file available on this website.
  2. Install the newly-downloaded file in your computer system.
  3. Once done, please start Valorant again and access your user account.
  4. The new weapon skin should be available for use.

As Valorant receives constant updates, you may be required to update the file once in a while to keep using the skin.

Riot Games releases new Valorant skins in each update. So if you don’t want to be behind everyone else, you can use our website to obtain the new skins as soon as anyone else does. So keep navigating our website and encounter the best Valorant skins for free!