valorant celestial frenzy skin

Valorant Celestial Frenzy Skin

Get the Valorant Celestial Ares skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The Celestial Frenzy weapon skin for Valorant has been available since February 2021. As part of the Lunar New Year celebration, this weapon skin has colors and patterns that resemble that celebration. It is quite classy and aesthetically pleasing.

This weapon skin includes a clean design with the colors black, gold, and white. Its design is one of the best that have been released in Valorant until now, and its popularity proves it.

Here we’ll teach you how to start using the Celestial Frenzy for free without waiting until the weapon becomes available in the daily offers rotation.

How to Get the Celestial Frenzy Skin for Free

You can start using this weapon skin as soon as possible by following the steps specified below. You will only be required to do what’s specified here to have this weapon skin available in your user account permanently.

  1. Download the file available on this webpage.
  2. Install the newly downloaded file on your computer.
  3. Once done, please start your Valorant launcher and access your account.
  4. Check if the weapon skin is usable. If it is, the process has been completed.

This process is straightforward and only takes less than five minutes to complete.

There are over three hundred Valorant skins available at the moment. If there’s something else you’d like to use or if you want the rest of the Celestial collection, you can find it for free on our website.

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