valorant aristocrat bulldog skin

Valorant Aristocrat Bulldog Skin

Get the Valorant Aristocrat Bulldog skin for free by using our skin changer tool.

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The “Aristocrat Bulldog” is one of the five new weapons added as part of the homonymous deluxe-edition collection. This skin is quite special as it was added during the game’s first launch, which happened in early June 2020.
This collection features black, gold, and white as its dominant colors. Along with the classy design, the result is beautiful skin that you will enjoy using for a long time.

Although the Aristocrat Bulldog was available as part of a bundle at first, it is not obtainable at the moment. You have to wait until the store rotation makes it available, and since its contents are random, it can take a while for it to appear.
Now you can skip this wait and jump straight to the fun part, thanks to us. Please continue to the next section if you’d like to learn how you can obtain this new skin for free.

How to Get the Aristocrat Bulldog Skin for Free

You’re a few seconds away from obtaining the Aristocrat Bulldog. Once you’ve downloaded the file available here, install it and then go to your Valorant account from this device. You should be able to utilize the new skin and moving forward. You’ll be able to use it from different devices too.

We also have the rest of the Aristocrat collection available if you’d like to use a different member. Additionally, you will also find over three hundred skins for Valorant on our website. All of them are available for free, so you can continue adding items to your collection as you please. Enjoy!