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Valorant Aristocrat Ares Skin

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The “Aristocrat Ares” is one of the first weapons that were made available in Valorant. It is part of the game’s launch (June 2020). Also, it is part of a deluxe-edition collection of the same name. It features a classy color scheme that combines black, white, and gold along with an interesting design.

The Aristocrat collection is not available as a bundle at the moment. You can only obtain it if you purchase each item from the in-game store, thanks to the daily offers rotation. You’ll find the Aristocrat Ares for a total of 1,275 VP.

As it can take a long while for you to obtain this skin from the in-game store, you can opt for obtaining it for free on this website. If you’d like to know how to do that, please jump to the next section.

How to Get the Aristocrat Ares Skin for Free

Using the Aristocrat Ares in your account isn’t a complicated process. You can start by downloading and installing the file available on this website. Once done, please open your Valorant client and access your user account. The new skin should now be available. Enjoy it!

Would you like to add the complete Aristocrat collection to your account? Well, it is possible. You’re welcome to continue browsing through our categories and add as many items as you want from here. We allow limitless downloads, so you can expand your skins list as much as you want.

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